Core Values

  • We need a community of neighbors (and neighborhoods).

  • We need less, not more government; smaller, smarter government, that preserves individual rights, the rights of property under the law, with preservation of independence for small business

  • We need to encourage the highest standards for student achievement in our schools. Our students should be prepared to be competitive in a global economy.

  • We need better education and training, investing in people, not institutions. We need to foster creativity, independence and flexibility.

  • We need to exercise fiscal responsibility.

  • We need economic freedom, and we must reward self-reliance and hard work

  • We need to create an environment that will attract businesses and encourage their growth and prosperity. (Support capitalism and democracy and build an environment where business can thrive and increase the number of quality jobs available.

  • We need candidates of integrity who will work for the good of the community and not for personal gain.



Town Committee

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Mission Statement

​Our mission is to promote excellence in government by recruiting and supporting quality candidates for election, and to educate the public on important and timely issues.  We will provide a forum for exchange of ideas and information affecting our community.